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“Your podcast gives me hope and reminds me of God’s power. I wanted to pass that on to my family. Thank you so much for your ministry. God is using it and you.” – Sarah

I listened to the new podcast yesterday! And it was the most beautiful thing. I was literally in tears it inspired me so much and as I was in Bible study this morning I really understood the power that lives in us it’s the same power that parted the Red Sea and raised Lazarus. I just had a moment of thankfulness and realization! I’m so grateful for everything! I feel chosen in so many ways; I want to spread this in my community and in my family! – Baylee

I’ve been wrestling with the Lord for many, many months now about the loss of our church, my job, community, a sense of calling…and then a month ago I was hospitalized for week with a ruptured appendix and we were hit by truck which totaled our minivan. I’ve been wrestling with anger, bitterness, confusion, loss of hope. The Lord, through Clint’s story, reminded me of the truth that I have choice – “one leads to death and the other one leads to life.” I wept because I felt the weight of the guilt of my anger lift away… God’s not angry with me…he has compassion for me, and loves me. And he wants me to choose the path that leads to life, and so do I.  Thank you for sharing these stories. – Paul

I have worked on church staff my husband went to DTS and was a minister and on and on.  How much we as Christians are living not in the spiritual realm but in stale prayer and reading your bible.  The Spirit is hovering and moving and is alive.  We just have to submit and see with spiritual eyes!  So I’m soaking up all of your podcasts right now!  Sister I’m so glad you and Adam are submitting and following and boldly putting out what others may perceive as crazy!  I told Father today after I listened to Lee’s episode that I want to love as Lee does!  I will be sharing your podcast with the ladies and staff at my retreat!  Healing is possible! – Carrie

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