Spiritual Roots

Spiritual Roots | Supernatural Testimony

After years of unexplained medical issues, Renee hears that her symptoms have spiritual roots. At the end of her rope, she considers the supernatural. Renee’s faith is challenged and deepened in the midst of her search for healing.

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Inner Healing and Deliverance

Inner Healing and Deliverence | Supernatural Testimony

Kelsey thought inner healing and deliverance was weird until she experienced it for herself and truly understood the gospel at a deeply personal level. I think, until we as Christians really acknowledge the unseen, we can’t fight it.

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Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness | Supernatural Testimony

Suicidal and diagnosed with over eight mental illnesses, in and out of over 20 different psych wards, on 10 psych meds, Alexis is instantly healed.

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