The Unseen Story

God speaks.
we tell his stories.

What God has done for our storytellers, He lives to do for you!

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

- Jesus

Who are you listening to?

Our storytellers point to a God who is active and alive today. A God who lives to speak to you.

Sometimes it’s easier to see our flaws than it is to realize our full inheritance. If we keep our focus on ourselves we’ll miss what He has done and struggle to believe that God still speaks. 

The Bible tells us to set our minds on things above and to fix our eyes on the unseen. This printable list of verses is a great starting point for that. Just enter your name and email and will send this resource your way. 

From Our Listeners!

You are God's Poetry!

In the Bible we read that humanity is God’s “poiema,” His poetry. Through every poiema, every storyteller, we gain greater insight into God’s supernatural love and power to heal today. These are stories filled with hope and highlight lives connected to Him and to one another. 

Our mission is to bring stories that point to The Truth. Stories that build faith in a meta narrative, of a God who longs for connection in order to heal the brokenness in this world. This is The Unseen Story. 

In sharing these stories we light the way for others to encounter the very same God. What God has done for our storytellers, He lives to do for you.

*Listen to Josh's story - The Power of Identity

It has seemed good to me to declare the signs and wonders which the Most High God has done for me.

Daniel 4:2 AMP

Declare Your Unseen Story!

Forgiveness of an Adulterer | Supernatural Testimony
*Listen to Kandria's story of a healed marriage


God speaks to people just like you, these are His stories.


Declare your story and let others know what He has done.


We are the light of the world, partner with us to tell His stories.

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