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Hearing God’s Voice

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I’ve been through a lot of challenges. I grew up foster home to foster home when I was younger. I was used to not having a lot when moving in with my mom. And she was a intravenous drug user for half of her life, the majority of half of her life, she started when she was 13. So she had a lot of issues, and she had a lot of mental disorders. And so we grew up bouncing back from family member to foster parents. I’ve had over 15 different foster parents in my life.

And I was able to take from so many of them and I was able to grow from so many of them. But I kind of knew, like, in a bad situation, I could get through it. But in that situation, I don’t think I was ready to lose everything at once and be alone. I think this past year, I’ve encountered more of God, than I thought I would ever encounter, you know. I grew up in the church, of course, but not really familiar with having a relationship with God. And I put myself in a situation where I had to rely on my faith in God where it… that was the only thing that could have possibly gotten me through.

I was sitting in a room with no furniture, nothing. I had nothing. I was … the only thing I could do was pray, you know, I don’t have a car, my phone’s (dead) and ….like, it just was, I had to stop to realize that He was there and that He was helping me through and guiding me through.

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God, I can’t hear you. I can’t hear your voice, where are you at in all of this? I cannot hear your voice. Make this make sense God.

Molly and Baylee (AT&T Girl)
Molly and Baylee (AT&T Girl)


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Hi, this story is AMAZING! Please take a moment to listen: Hearing God's Voice!