Send Me a Cardinal

A mom makes a promise to her daughters to send a cardinal from heaven. The day after her funeral a cardinal hits the window of their home. Be sure to watch the video of what happens next.

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But I Am Innocent

But I Am Innocent | The Unseen Story

Joe is convicted and sentenced to 6 months in a federal prison. Crying out to Him of his innocence Joe hears the Lord speak back, “so was I”.

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Prompted by Holy Spirit

Prompted by Holy Spirit | The Unseen Story

Kyle is prompted by the Holy Spirit to “bless the feet”. Later that morning, his feet are blessed so that all ministry expenses can be paid in full. He also details an encounter of sharing the gospel after being prompted to visit McDonald’s for breakfast.

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The Forgiveness of a Murderer

Forgiveness of a Murder | Powerful Testimonies

Ryan is able to forgive his brother’s murderer and offer him the same redemption and hope he has found in Christ. I was a son who needed to be redeemed and rescued. That reality changed my life.

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Inner Healing and Deliverance

Inner Healing and Deliverence | Supernatural Testimony

Kelsey thought inner healing and deliverance was weird until she experienced it for herself and truly understood the gospel at a deeply personal level. I think, until we as Christians really acknowledge the unseen, we can’t fight it.

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Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness | Supernatural Testimony

Suicidal and diagnosed with over eight mental illnesses, in and out of over 20 different psych wards, on 10 psych meds, Alexis is instantly healed.

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Raise My Son

Raise My Son | Supernatural Testimony

Her son was dead for 21 minutes and brain dead for 2 days. In a sea of doctors, Angelic cries out to God and prays over her son through the power of the Holy Spirit, “Raise my son!” What happens next is a miracle.

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Your Life Is Not Your Own

Your Life is not Your Own | Powerful Testimony

Rosie has attempted suicide twice since losing her son and is planning a third attempt the very day that she meets Tyler and Andy who share that her life is not her own and God has a plan for her.

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When Heaven and Earth Collide

When Heaven and Earth Collide | Powerful Testimony

An instrument maker by trade, Caleb receives a digital download of an instrument he has never seen and a tribe name in a dream. This dream ignites a journey where heaven and earth collide to bring an unknown tribe of 70,000 people the bible.

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