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Hello, my name is John Horowitz. I’m from Fire Island, New York. I have a clothing brand called God’s Armor and I just follow Jesus. Whatever He wants to do, that’s what I do. I just moved to Dallas, Texas and I’m excited to share my story of how Jesus saved my life, redeemed it, gave me peace and joy and hope and love, and filled my heart with His love. 

My mom would actually tell me to pray to Archangel Michael and Raphael, you know, when I was a kid. S o I wasn’t I wasn’t praying to Jesus, but I was still like, praying before I went to sleep at night. You know, to something. So that was more like our spirituality growing up. Yeah, and then I straightaway, you know, you get caught up in the world. The world brings you out, and you end up doing things that you don’t even want to do just to fit in with the world. Whether that’s like sexual immorality, or just stuff to like, you’re not cool unless you’re sleeping around, or you’re not cool unless you’re whatever, a basketball player, or like, you know…So you do all these things just to feel like you’re important or you’re worthy because deep inside there’s a hurt that isn’t fulfilled, and it’s only God that can fill that. 

I grew up with basketball. That was like my life. My whole dream was to go to the NBA was to be like Kobe Bryant. I remember it, like I was saying, I used to pray to the angels, and I would pray every night to be six foot six, and I ended up being six foot six, even though I have a really tall family. So that was part of it, but still, I’m still the tallest in my family even so. I would pray every night to be six foot six, just like Kobe, I wanted to be just like Kobe. I made all the teams throughout high school, JV, varsity, and then I graduated from junior college, Monroe college, in 2013. Then I got a full scholarship to play basketball at Hawaii Pacific and played professional basketball in Israel. I thought maybe that would fulfill me. I got to this realization that basketball is not it. I’m 25 years old and here I am still empty and depressed. Even pro basketball, even though it was something I had searched for my whole life, I had to realize this isn’t it, you know? 

So I moved to Los Angeles and I met this girl who looked from the outside like the girl of my dreams, you know. She was beautiful, five foot 11 from London. We instantly connected, she moved in with me right away, and I’m like, oh, maybe this is it, you know, I really felt good and like, she’s beautiful. Like, this is amazing. I was feeling good. That’s what the enemy does, you know. He tries to get you into this whole thing and you create all these soul ties with someone and then it becomes almost like a death when you separate. She had broken up with me and that crushed my heart. I also ran out of money at that time. So basically, I had nothing. 

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Here I am in Los Angeles and now I’m searching the world for a woman to fill me after basketball didn’t, right? And this was like the girl of my dreams, right? I started writing music to help me cope with this breakup and just just this sad story pretty much. I started writing all these songs, I started getting into music and ultimately, it led me to an open microphone on June 14 2019. That’s where I met this girl named Lubov. 

Labov happened to be a Christian and she invited me to church for the first time and that’s when I started to get introduced to Jesus. It was at a megachurch in Hollywood, but ultimately, I was just going because I really loved that girl, and I would just be able to hang out with her. So I was having a good time and I was starting to try and put my life together. She was trying to show me these truths and then 2020 happened and Kobe Bryant died. He dies in the beginning of 2020. And then COVID happens two months later, and the church shuts down, my job shuts down. Ultimately, it leads me to order the psychedelic drug mushrooms. 

The reason that I went to the mushrooms, I had taken them one time before. There was a point when I was on the mushrooms the first time where I had this deep pain in my heart and I was actually able to feel it. I went from like this deep pain in my heart and from like crying deeply, like just crying so badly I was able to finally cry and release whatever had been built up. Before that I wasn’t really able to cry. It was like all kind of inside. I just realized what was important. I even went to my brother, he was at a bar in our hometown, and I went to the bar and got him and then was able to just be real with him and open up about things in our past. It was like this deep transparency where I was like, wow, and I was even able to call my mother and just express my love for her – how much I had loved her. So that was why I went back to the mushrooms. Because I felt like I had this healing that happened. 

But at that point, prior, I thought that I had some decent experiences. So I’m like, you know what, I’m looking for answers. I’m so desperate at this point, you know, I don’t even, I’m not even fearing dying at this point. I didn’t know that death could be even worse than what I was experiencing on the earth. So I was just trying to figure out what’s the point of this life at this point, you know. Like, even Kobe Bryant, this guy who achieves all this earthly success, right? Like, he has everything. He basically spent his whole life working his butt off to achieve all this stuff, right? And he reaches the pinnacle and then he just dies at 41 years old. And now what happens? It’s like, so am I gonna waste my whole life chasing after this thing? 

So yeah, so basically it leads me to order the psychedelic drug mushrooms. And this time, when I ordered them, I ordered a lot. I ordered seven grams, which is about a quarter of an ounce. And when the guy came, he said, “Hey, man, I have all this extra stuff, you can have it.” So he gives me all this extra stuff. And, nobody gives away this stuff for free. It’s like, it’s unheard of. But for some reason he gives me like, double the amount. I actually texted my girlfriend then, and I said, “Pray that Jesus will be with me tonight.” But I didn’t tell her what I was doing. 

Even though I had just been introduced to the church, and to Jesus being God, I still wasn’t fully convinced that Jesus was God yet. I still had universal beliefs. You know, love is eternal, we’re all love, so we’re all eternal. It was like these weird beliefs that, you know, they sound close to the truth, but they’re not the truth. And they’re ultimately leading you into death. So I didn’t know that I was being led to death. I just thought, oh, I figured it out. I’m like, this cool guy who has this type of wisdom, right? You know, we’re all eternal, it’s all good. Like, you know, you create your own reality, you’re the creator. You know, you basically become your own God. It’s like, I almost looked at Christians as people who were limited in their thinking, in a way. I was like, Oh, you guys read that old book, you know.

I had taken the mushrooms, I have the candles, I have the music going, and have coconut water by my bedside to stay dehydrated. I’m just sitting back on my bed like this and I just start seeing a bunch of random shapes and colors on the wall in front of me. Then I remember, at a certain point, I got kind of tired and I rested my head back on the wall, on my bed at the back. And then from there basically entered the spirit realm. In the spirit room I had all the knowledge and wisdom to the whole earth. I spoke every single language, I played every single instrument, and I was freestyle rapping and everything rhymes, and everything made sense. It was like 200 miles per hour. That’s how fast my mind was working. So basically, my mind knew everything. I had, like, this crazy amount of knowledge and wisdom. My mind was working so fast and I’m flying through the spirit realm and having the best time ever. I’m like, in my spirit, I’m like, Man, this is what I always wanted, I always knew there was something more. 

Then, I could be anywhere in my life at any point in my life right then and there. Because in the spirit realm, there’s no time or space. So basically, I can be anywhere in my life at any point in my life right then and there, and it was an instant. Like, I was just there with whoever I wanted to be with whenever I wanted to be with. So I was with an ex-girlfriend face to face and it was real, like I was there with them, right? So I can basically do anything I want. I’m like, This is amazing. And then, for me, the ultimate…I was brought to what seemed like heaven. It was like this white glory filled place and now I was face to face with Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi, who had just died with him in a helicopter accident. 

When I get there, Kobe knows me. It’s not like I’m just some foreign person that was like a fan of his or something, you know. We’re basically playing basketball in what seems like heaven, and we’re just having the best time ever. It’s all peace and love, and there’s no, it’s just, it’s amazing. At that point it’s the most love I had ever felt. Then I remember becoming Kobe Bryant in the spirit, right? So now I was Kobe Bryant. So now everything I had ever wanted as a kid had come true. Now I was my childhood dream. I was Kobe Bryant. So that’s what it felt like to me in the spirit, that I was him. 

From reaching that pinnacle in the spirit, I remember after that, I’m brought to a vivid moment in the spirit with my mom face to face. Me and my mom, we’re both crying hysterically and saying goodbye to each other for the last time. So me and my mom are literally saying goodbye to each other for the last time. It’s the saddest moment I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. From there, I started falling into darkness. I just remember falling into darkness and I remember being in darkness and being freezing cold, tortured, and it’s nonstop torment, and there’s no peace. And all I’m trying to figure out how to do is get warm, and nothing’s working to get warm. Literally the level of desperation is so bad that I’m in the spirit and I’m trying to figure out how to get warm, right, and I’m literally trying to imagine red and orange colors just to get warm and nothing’s working. Basically I’m there for a long time suffering in freezing cold torture with no way out. 

Jesus Christ showed up for me in the Spirit, and He reached His hand down like this and I was basically able to grab His hand. As I grabbed His hand, He pulled me out like this. As He pulled me out, I came back into my room for the first time since I rested my head back at the wall, at the beginning. When I came back into my room, I just had tears streaming down my face. I was completely stunned and scared. My bed was completely wet. I had peed my whole bed. And I wrote on a paper, I wrote, “Jesus came to save me. I’m out. I love You.” 

Basically what it means is you can have everything in this world. You could have all the knowledge and wisdom. Remember, I spoke every language, I played every instrument, my mind was working on full power. You could have all the fame and money. I was Kobe Bryant. I had all the riches, I had all the fame and I was Kobe Bryant, my childhood dream. But ultimately at the end, I was in darkness, freezing cold separated from God. The only thing that matters at the end is are you with Jesus Christ or are you in eternal suffering? 

That night Jesus showed me that He was God and there’s no other God because nobody else came. At the time I was studying Yogi-ism. I was reading an Autobiography of a Yogi. I was into all these other beliefs, right? But none of them came. Yogananda didn’t come, Buddha didn’t come, Krishna didn’t come, Allah didn’t come, it was Jesus Christ that showed up. It says, “His arm is not too short to save” in Isaiah 59. And literally that night when He reached His arm down, it wasn’t too short to save, you know, like, imagine someone reaching their arm down, like it was outstretched, I was able to grab His hand, you know? It’s crazy. I’m like, This is exactly what happened to me, like this is…But here it is in this word, in this old book are hidden the treasures to the actual truth to this life that’s gonna set you free, is all enclosed in God’s Word. In his book called The Holy Bible, which is actually God’s living word. It’s not just a book, it speaks to you and it becomes alive in you! That night Jesus saved my life. 

About six months later, I got into a ministry school and started to learn about the Lord and started to get discipled. I got baptized on Halloween 2020 and from there have basically just been trying to follow Jesus as best as possible. There’s been many learning things. There’s been many times where I’ve been wrong. There’s many times where I’ve had to get humbled and repent and know that that’s not the way. But God’s brought me through it all and I’m still learning and still growing. Now He wants to partner with us on this earth and let His spirit come through us. That’s why I’m here sharing this story with you.

I was into all these other beliefs, right? But none of them came. Buddha didn't come, Krishna didn’t come, Allah didn't come, it was Jesus Christ that showed up. It says, “His arm is not too short to save” in Isaiah 59. And literally that night when He reached His arm down, it wasn't too short to save.

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