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My name is Suzanne and I have been married for 52 years. We think it’s gonna work. I have three children and eight grandchildren. And we’ve just recently moved down into the Hill Country to be close to all of our kids and grandkids, which is a real joy. 

The Lord has been so faithful in my life for all these years. I really came to full commitment to the Lord my freshman year in college and have just seen Him do so many things. In 1985, we kind of liked to say we got ambushed by the Holy Spirit. I would say it’s been the grand adventure. Since then, we’ve just seen Him really do so many things. We’re just so so grateful. So it’s exciting to be able to just share a little snippet of some of those things that He’s done in my life. 

In 1999, I went in for my normal yearly gynecology appointment. I had the appointment and in the appointment, my doctor said, “Why didn’t you get your mammogram last year?” I said, “Well, I did; I always get my mammogram.” He said, “Well, I don’t have any record of it. Go get your one this year, and then just let’s make sure that I get it.” 

So the following week, I had that appointment. I went and got my mammogram and left. A few days later, after the mammogram, I got a call back from the imaging center. They said, We need you to come back by and just get a recheck on your mammogram. Don’t worry about it; it’s probably nothing. It’s probably just a fold on the film. But we just need to do a retake of it.” And so I said, “Okay, good.” And honestly, I didn’t worry about it. I just kind of put it on my errands list with going to the grocery store and going by the pharmacy and running by and redoing my mammogram. 

On the day that I went and had it redone, I was waiting in the room for what seemed like a really long time after the mammogram was done. Finally the doctor came in and he said, “Well, there is something really suspicious on your mammogram and we want to do a biopsy. And we want to do it today.” So I waited and we did it on that day. When he finished the biopsy, he said, “Now I want to tell you, we won’t get the results back until next week, but don’t look for this to be benign. I can tell by looking at it that this is malignant.” 

It was a long weekend. It was a long week waiting for the results to come back. I was scared, just really didn’t know what to expect. As it turned out, it turned out to be a rather large tumor that had migrated. It had lobes on it, tentacles on it, it was going places. It was in six lymph nodes of my body. I think they removed maybe 18 lymph nodes. I think it was a stage three, either B or D. Stage four is when it’s metastasized to the body. So it was very advanced. 

When I got to that stage of interacting with my surgeon, I did go back and discovered that the mammogram that I had had the year before at another facility had never been sent to my doctor. It had never been read. My surgeon confirmed that indeed, he could see the cancer on the films the year before. So I was sort of faced with the reality that due to an administrative error, I’d been growing cancer for a year, at least a year, with it not being detected. But God, my two favorite words of the Bible. 

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But God, this weekend that I was waiting and just so scared and just so distraught, waiting, waiting for the news, I had a dream. And in this dream, I was on the east coast of the United States and a woman was with me. We both had backpacks and they had jetpacks. She explained to me that we were going to go by means of these jetpacks, we were going to blast off and we were going to go across the ocean to Europe. I looked at her and I said, “This is never gonna work.” She just looked at me and she said, “Trust me.” Looking back on it, I really believe this was a picture of the Holy Spirit. 

So I said, “All right, I thought I’m gonna trust her.” So we blast off. We went across the ocean, I did what I always do when we go to Europe, I slept for the trip. So I fell asleep and I woke up as we were falling into the ocean. I remember as we were falling, I thought, we didn’t make it. I knew I was right. We didn’t make it. We didn’t make it. But as we fell into the ocean, I looked up and there was this, I could see land not too far away. I thought, if we can just get to the land, but between me and the land was this giant whirlpool and it was a struggle to get around that whirlpool. I remember just struggling and struggling to get around that whirlpool. But we did, we finally got around it, got to the land, got up on the land. 

We were going through kind of a jungle and trying to figure out where we were. We saw a little kiosk, sort of a little shack in the woods, and the man was selling something. We went up to him, and said, “Where are we? We don’t know where we are.” And he said, “Well, don’t you know, you’re in Malta.” And this woman and I looked at each other, and we just started jumping up and down and saying, “We’re in Malta! We’re in Malta!” And I woke up. 

When I woke up the next morning, I really had the sense that this dream was from God, but didn’t know what it meant. And so first thing I looked up the word Malta; it actually means refuge. Then I remembered that there was a story in Acts about Malta. I looked it up, it’s in Acts 27 and 28. It’s a story of Paul, when he was a prisoner, and he was being transported to Rome and they actually came upon Malta, and shipwrecked, and it was a whole life threatening situation. 

In fact, Paul actually told some of the shipmates, they were trying to get off the ship and he said, “If you get off, nobody will survive.” But because of the word that Paul gave, everybody was saved. So they were spared. Then they came up on the shore and they started a fire and Paul reached into the fire and a viper attached onto his hand. Everybody thought he was gonna fall over dead, but he didn’t. He escaped death again. 

So now here they’ve escaped death in the ship, and as a matter of fact, on the ship, the soldiers actually had a plan to go ahead and kill the prisoners, which was Paul, to make sure that nobody escaped. A Centurion advocated for Paul to let him live. So they escaped death from the shipwreck, they escaped death from this foiled plan of the soldiers that were going to kill the prisoners, and Paul escaped death from this Viper that latched onto his hand. 

The rest of the account of Malta is about healing. There was a lead man on the island and his father was ill. Paul went and prayed for him, and he was healed. And then it says this, “and the rest of everyone on the island that had disease came to Paul, and they were all being cured. 

So when I read this account, I thought, there’s no account of salvation. There were no accounts of apologetic sermons or anything like that. The only account on Malta was escaping death and healing. So I took it as a real encouragement from the Lord, that this is what He was saying to me. As a matter of fact, in my Bible, the heading for chapter 28 in Acts says, “Safe at Malta.” So I was trying to believe that the Lord was encouraging me that I was going to be safe. 

Another thing that happened shortly after that, I ran across a little booklet by Rick Joyner that was about the Knights of St. John. The Knights of St. John started out in Jerusalem and there was a Catholic monk that started two houses where people could come and receive medical attention and be healed. These were the first two hospitals and the servants that worked at the hospital and that served in the hospital became an independent order. 

Years later, these Knights of St. John, there were different places that they gathered and lived for a number of years. But they settled on the island of Malta and they became known as the Knights of Malta. So they were the Knights of St. John and then known as the Knights of Malta. 

They were really amazing military men, and they were credited for actually keeping the Muslims out of Europe, but their core mission was healing. When they would go into battle, after the battle was over, they would take their armor off, and they would go tend to the injured on both sides and they would care for the injured even on the opposing side that they had just fought against. All the military men were required to give time in the hospital, even though they were warriors. So, they were true warrior healers. 

When I read this, I just felt like the Lord was really wanting to encourage me that this was really, He had healing for me. But I struggled. I wanted to believe that. I just tried my best to step out on faith and really believe it. But I remember just saying to the Lord, “Lord, will You meet me where I am? I feel like I’m trying to run the full way, to have faith and yet I felt like I can only make it about halfway. Are You willing to come and meet me where I am in my faith journey?” And I was hoping so much that He was willing to do that, but just unsure how I could really get the full way of really believing what He was saying to me. 

Well, in about the sixth or seventh month of my medical journey, I had been through more chemo than normal because it was so advanced. I had been through surgery, I had been through radiation, I was getting near the end of the whole regimen and we got a call from friends of ours that live in the Czech Republic. They’re really kind of a spiritual son, and daughter. They said, “We’ve been missing you and we just really want you to come visit. In fact, we’ll pay for your wife and you to come when Suzanne gets finished with her treatment. We want you to come out for a visit.” 

So we scheduled a trip, I honestly did not feel very good at all. It was sort of a struggle just to be able to, to do all that. But we didn’t want to miss the opportunities. So we, shortly after I finished that sort of last radiation, we did this trip to Prague. We went and we spent a wonderful couple of weeks with our friends and in Prague. I had told them the story of the dream and all the whole journey. Well, they had said to me, “Before you leave, it’s our anniversary, we want you all to celebrate our anniversary with us. We have a special place that we want to take you to dinner.” 

We walked through the streets of Prague, it’s such a beautiful place, such an amazing place, and we came around this corner. She said, “Here’s the restaurant right in front of us.” I looked at the restaurant and on the door of the restaurant was that Maltese cross that was representative of the Knights of Malta. It turned out that the Knights of Malta had actually come to Prague and had settled right there in that area of town and the place where we were having dinner was the hospital where they had brought the sick. 

They escorted us down through this ancient tunnel and down through the stairs to the table where we were going to be seated. Then the server came and was explaining everything to us and right beside our table there was an archway that you could see had been sealed up. She explained to us that that archway was the tunnel between the hospital and the church. That was where they would take the sick through this tunnel to get to the church to be prayed for for healing. 

When we went outside, the whole square, it’s called Maltézské náměstí, which means Maltese square. Positioned on this square was the restaurant that used to be the hospital. Then there was this great cathedral that used to be the Maltese cathedral, and then a statue in the center of one of the warriors. I felt like I had been to Malta. I was just so blown away with just that visual picture. 

I was resting the day after we got home from jetlag, and I was lying on my bed and I just started thinking about it and I realized, God, You actually let me walk out my dream. You went to a lot of trouble to actually take me where I felt like I had walked out my dream and actually felt like I’d been to Malta. And it just suddenly washed over me that the Lord was saying, “I will meet you halfway. I will take you the rest of the way, because of what I will do.” 

I remember I just, I jumped up out of my bed and I planted my feet and I said, “In the name of Jesus, I am healed.” I just was overwhelmed that the Lord is willing to meet us if we can just go as far as we can with our faith. He is so willing in His mercy and His kindness, that He’s willing to come and meet us, right where we are. 

So they wanted to follow me for 10 years, which they did, and I went to a different doctor years later, for something else. When he looked over my medical history, he told me three different times he said, “This is not the outcome I would have expected from this scenario.” So I, I just believe the Lord saw me through. He was the One who was the healing hand in my life.

When he looked over my medical history, he told me three different times he said, “This is not the outcome I would have expected from this scenario.” So I, I just believe the Lord saw me through. He was the One who was the healing hand in my life.

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My husband is very prophetic And it is the greatest joy to watch that gift play out. It amazes me. If I could tell you the number of waiters and waitresses ended up in a puddle of tears because my husband will just ask them if he can give them something he feels like he’s heard from the Lord for them. It’s such a joy, but it’s so not how I’m wired. It’s just not the way the Lord speaks to me. I feel like what the Lord consistently has done with me, He has walked me through reality, has given me stories that actually happened, where He has spoken to me. 

The Lord is so creative in how He speaks to us. There’s not just one way that He speaks. And so, as I look back through my life, I just feel like we have, I feel like I have an inordinate number of stories to tell. And I feel like that’s the way that the Lord has really been faithful to speak to me in a different way. 

So this was in April of that medical journey of being cured from cancer. And at this point though, of course, I don’t know whether I’m going to live or die. I don’t know what’s going to happen. It was Easter afternoon, and I decided I would take a walk. It was a beautiful sunny day and I wanted to take a walk on the trail behind our house, which has a little creek by it, woods, it’s a beautiful place. 

I went out there and I was on the trail enjoying the walk. All of a sudden, right in front of me, there was a young man on a bicycle. And there was a water moccasin. He was trying to run over this water moccasin, over it’s…trying to kill this water moccasin. He was going back and forth with the tire of his bicycle over the head of this water moccasin and it was not getting the message. At one point, he kind of pulled the back wheel of the bicycle back and the snake kind of then got loose and went up through the spokes. 

Well, I’m looking at this going, Oh! Then there was another family that was coming the other way on the trail. It was a Hispanic family. It was a man and his wife and they had a young son in a wagon. There was this big drama that was happening on the trail and it seemed to just go on and on. Finally the woman, the Hispanic woman, said to her husband, on Easter afternoon, “Jesus, do something Jesus!” Which is Jesus. So on Easter afternoon, Jesus looks over and finds this big rock. He steps over and he crushes the head of the serpent on Easter afternoon! It’s this big, big drama.

The man on the bike gets a stick, he picks up the snake, and he flings the snake off into the woods. I’m just overcome with the whole thing. I say goodbye to him and he goes off. And I’m thinking, Oh, this was such a parable of what Jesus did on Easter Day. I was thinking, Oh, I’m so disappointed that I didn’t kind of put it all together in my mind, so that I could share it with the guy on the bicycle. Then I felt like the Lord spoke to me and I felt like He said, “I didn’t do it for him. I did it for you.” And in that moment, I just felt like the Lord was saying, “I’m giving you a visual picture of what Jesus did on Easter Day. He did crush the head of the serpent and He has crushed the head of the serpent in your life.” 

Again I felt like it was a confirmation that the Lord was going to deliver me from death and He was going to deliver me from the cancer. So even though He speaks to my husband through all these visions and MGM studio visions, He does speak to me through parables and He speaks to me through stories. Then it seems often that He confirms that with this word.On that day in April when this whole drama had happened, I went home, and I believe it was that very afternoon that I was in the Word, and I just stumbled across this verse. This is in Psalm 68. It’s 19 through 21. 

“Blessed be the Lord who daily bears our burdens. 

The God who is our salvation. 

God is to us a God of salvation. And to God the Lord belongs ways of escape from death. 

God surely will shatter the head of His enemies.”

That was in April. Remember this trail was my walking path. That’s where I walked most days. I remember in September, I was walking down that same path and the thought occurred to me, where is that snake now? And I thought, You know what, that snake has become fertilizer for all these plants. In fact, other varmints just came and munched on that snake and then it just disintegrated and it’s for, these trees are bigger and more beautiful because that snake gave its life right there. I just thought about that. I thought, You know what? That is the way it is with the things that the enemy brings into our lives. He meant it for evil, just like Joseph said the enemy meant it for evil, but God intended it for good. So even the things that the enemy brings into our lives, But God…My two favorite words of the Bible.

But God…When God puts His hand on it, He is able to take those things and turn them into fertilizer, for our destiny, to turn them into something that will cause things in our lives to grow even more beautiful in our life. So I was sort of just taken aback with how true that was. 

Then it was maybe a couple of weeks later, I ran across this verse. This is Psalm 74. “You divided the seas by Your strength. You broke the heads of the sea monsters in the water. You crushed the heads of Leviathan. You gave him as food for the creatures of the wilderness.”

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