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My name is Johnathan Drayton. I am 29 years old. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, born and raised almost a triple majored in philosophy, history, and political science. I am a podcaster. I have a podcast, it’s called The Truth of the Matters Is podcast. I’m also an aspiring lawyer. I just want to tell you a few things about how the Lord has revealed himself to me at points in my life,  which allowed me to see not only that he is real, but that he loves me, he cares for me, and he wants the best for me. 

So first thing I want to start off and talk about is an experience that I went through, which changed my life. I knew that I had a purpose and knew that God wanted to use me for bigger and greater things. I was on my way to the airport and I had my roommate driving me. The highways from Northern California are pretty huge, very steep, and with lots of turns. It appeared that we were going down onto the highway, the car slipped, and the car was diving in mid-air into a ditch. 

At that moment, my life flashed before my eyes. It’s kind of interesting, you always see that sort of image and numerous movies and TV shows. Never did I ever anticipate that it would be an experience that I would have. I just wondered about my life and what I had done. And up to this point, I believed in God, through my relationship with my parents, but not in the place where it was personal. That was the missing element for me. 

So when the car landed, we were safe. When I got out of the car, the car was fine, no damage was done to it. I also saw two drivers pull over to see what had happened to us. An individual came up and asked me where I was going. He didn’t ask me my name. He didn’t ask me anything else. Just asked me where I was going. And I said I’m trying to get to the airport. And he said I’ll take you the rest of the way. And all I can remember was, you know, again, probably because I watch movies too much. Getting into a car with a stranger is definitely something I never really ever wanted to do. 

But I understood that I had a flight to catch. I understood that I wanted to be home for the holidays. So all I can remember is being in the passenger seat, watching him smoke a cigarette looking in the other direction as I didn’t want to inhale secondhand smoke. The gentleman dropped me off at the airport. And it was so interesting. Once I got through customs and sat down, I got a call from my roommate who said you wouldn’t believe it. A tow truck came to pull the car out of the ditch and the car was fine. And at that point time not only was I frustrated and angry, I didn’t want to talk to him but I was sort of captured by the fact that he was fine. His car was fine. So much so they said just go home. 

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I just pondered on the experience,  it was so interesting because not only was my flight delayed, I sat in the airport for six hours, just realizing that it wasn’t my time to go yet God had greater and more amazing things that he needed me to do. And that, to me was the only other reason that I was still here. Moving forward, another way that I felt like the Lord has blessed me. I always had this desire to speak in tongues. It was something that I was super interested in. And it’s interesting. I had a friend that I’ve known for five years now we met online and we got acquainted with one another. I remember her, me telling her like, hey, you know, you got to read your Bible, you got to get in the Word. And I asked her, if she was interested in getting baptized, she said, yes, I’m interested in getting baptized. 


I understood the importance of where you get baptized, I think that matters. Where you fellowship matters and where you do relationships. She trusted me, and at this point, we had done Bible study, but for some strange reason, it didn’t seem like to me, any of those things were interesting to this person. I did know that supernatural experiences are what can change a person’s life. Just as the study of the Scriptures changed mine. And I felt like this individual needed something. 


So I asked God to reveal himself in some capacity to this person so that they know that he is real. And that thus far what we have done, I don’t think moved the needle, in terms of having belief in you. I remember going through the process with her. I got rebaptized in support of her and she got baptized. And I’ll never forget, when we went to go tarry for the Holy Spirit, she came up speaking in tongues, she came up being different. And I think it was much more fascinating for me. It showed me that I asked God for something and not only did the prayer work but that this individual had a personal relationship with God.


 I played a part, leading her to get to God who ultimately does the saving, right. There is a pastor, as in Corinthians that says, one person waters, another person plants, but God causes the increase. And I don’t know what has happened to her up until this point. But I just think it was a pleasure for me to see God reward a commitment to him in a way that is personal and separately different from me. So I appreciated God’s ability to connect with her. That wasn’t my connection, which is amazing. 


I think when you fellowship with enough Christians, you start to see that God’s ability to communicate and to connect with that person is maybe not the same as yours. But we see how amazing God can be at connecting to people differently. It’s the same God. You learn more about who God is by hearing somebody else’s testimony, that’s not the same as yours. So, you know, just thinking about that testimony in itself, allowed me to see that not only is God real, but he can connect with us in a way where he works through us. He uses us as instruments of righteousness. 


The last testimony I want to share that I think, changed my life, for the better, was just the encounter that I had with an individual who was an atheist. What it allows me to see is that in these conversations that I have with people, the Spirit of God continues to use me because a lot of the things I don’t always remember, but I know God is moving because he brings them back to my remembrance. It’s sort of like, what Jesus told his disciples, that when you get called into the courts the Holy Spirit will give you what you ought to say to that person. Which means even if that they don’t accept it, it allows God to leave something there. And we know whenever God’s Word gets sent out, it will not return void. So there’s hope there and that’s the aspect of it that I appreciate. 

We have these deep conversations about God. And what’s fascinating to me in these conversations, is that when I go into these conversations, there’s no preparation. Now am I reading God’s word daily? I am, but I’m fascinated by the things that I say, it almost feels as though I’m on the outside, watching and paying attention to what’s happening in the moment. And I get to appreciate what’s being said and articulated. And a lot of it is not me. And I always loved that moment, because it reminds me that it’s not about the strength of my ability. It’s about God’s ability to work through me. And every single time I look back at what was discussed, and I look back at what was said, I’m amazed at what God is doing. 


I’m amazed that I am a witness to what God is doing. To me. I just look back. And I say, man, there’s no way at this point in my life, would I’ve ever imagined, from the time that I thought I would have been dead in a ditch, going to an airport to now have a podcast that’s flourishing. And I’m proud of it because I know that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God. 


I start with that story. And end with that story, because now it is making a difference. And now people are being blessed, who decide to press play. And to me, I would have never imagined that I would have done a podcast for three and a year and a half years and counting, I would have never imagined that I shifted from wanting to be an athlete to wanting to be a lawyer. But more importantly, I would have never imagined that my relationship with God. It’s not only just growing now. But I’m fascinated by how much it has grown since that time. And this is probably one of my proudest accomplishments. I am even more proud of this than my college education. Even more proud of than my athletic ability, even more proud of the car that I’m driving. 


Being able to have conversations about Jesus, and speak confidently with assurance of my relationship with Jesus. I’m not a person that’s just talking. And it doesn’t make sense to me, no, I’m able to talk with confidence, and with the ability to know that the things that I speak are true, because they’ve happened to me, and I’m an example of it. I think it’s what’s life-changing for me, and what’s been fulfilling and satisfying. 


I’ll never forget it, I think one of the other things that stirred my desire to learn the scriptures was the passage where Jesus is talking to Peter. And he said The Devil seeks to have you, but I pray that your faith doesn’t fail you. In that moment. Jesus allowed the devil’s, you know, infiltration into his life. But he prayed that his faith when it failed him, and not only has it not failed him, but the experiences that he’s learned from an individual standpoint, he’s now using it to strengthen the people around them. I feel that’s what has happened to me. In that moment in which I thought I didn’t know if I’d be alive when life flashed before me, I would have never known that that story was used by God to show me that he was real enough to keep me alive. And he had bigger and better plans for me. And now he’s using me as an ambassador to share the gospel message. That’s one of the most amazing things that I could have ever asked for or dreamed of. And hopefully, there’s still more to come.

When you fellowship with enough Christians, you start to see God's ability to communicate, and to connect with a person is maybe not the same as you. We see how amazing God can be in connecting to people differently.

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