Awakening to God’s Love

God’s reckless pursuit of Seth, despite his anger and drug use, comes to a head as his parents’ deteriorating health leads Seth to his knees and an awakening to God’s beautiful love.

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Defined by the Father

Defined by the Father | The Unseen Story | Powerful Testimonies

Trying to live up to his father’s expectations, Colin was depressed, hopeless and lost. At a conference Colin encounters the living God, he is healed physically, spiritually and now his life is defined by The Father.

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Leaving Everything for Jesus

Leaving Everything for Jesus | The Unseen Story | Powerful Testimonies

Searching for fulfillment and satisfaction in what the world offered left Lance broken and longing for something real. When he encountered the reality of the righteousness available in Christ everything changed.

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Just One

Just One | The Unseen Story | Powerful Testimonies

Despite the challenges of running a group home for troubled teens, Tiffany and her family discover it’s all worth it if they can save just one from the system and introduce her to the love of Christ.

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Power of Hope

Power of Hope | Powerful Testimonies

Living in abundant hope, faith and power, Caroline refuses to let her diagnosis of infertility define her faith, her purpose, or the goodness of God.

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