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A Journey of Trust

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We’re all on a journey, and I think I came from this place of “we have the goods, and everybody else doesn’t.” And coming into this place now of seeing God at work in all different kinds of people, all different kinds of perspectives, all different kinds of ways of worship, and I think that we should all be on that journey.

I’m Jordan. Usually people take this moment to tell you about all the things they they do and all their titles. I do pastor a church, do work in the business world, and have wonderful family, and obviously love the Lord and love what God’s doing all over the earth. I went to this private school, that was a Church of Christ private school, great school. Went there from preschool all the way to 12th grade. And my family, we went to sort of a Pentecostal charismatic church. And so I learned very early on–I remember even in fourth grade, like specific discussions with teachers and, and classmates about, you know, how I was different. You know, how believing in speaking in tongues and miracles and all that was wrong and weird and different. And so yeah, I remember reading First Corinthians 14 that talks about tongues and and First Corinthians 12 talks about the gifts of Spirit and like studying them in elementary to make sure I had a really good defense for the onslaught that would come against me and believing my own way.



The context of the miraculous, of the weird, of the supernatural, the things that aren’t comfortable, that’s the waters I just grew up swimming in.

Jordan Preaching
Jordan Preaching


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Hi, this story is AMAZING! Please take a moment to listen: A Journey of Trust!