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Sowing Seeds

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All right, my name is Eniola. I am a creative residing in Dallas, Texas. In addition to poetry, I serve as a worship leader at my home church. When I’m not leading worship, I work full time at Behind Every Door ministries, which is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the narrative in inner city neighborhoods. 

One of my favorite people in all of history is George Washington Carver. When he saw the reproach of cotton on former slaves–who I believe they will call sharecroppers at this point–but he saw the disparity and the reproach of picking cotton, even though they were picking it for money at this point, it still had a reproach because of what it meant for their ancestors behind them. And there’s this famous kind of story where he’s like, has Job 12: 7-8 circled in scripture. It says in essence, ask the birds and they’ll teach you. Ask the trees and they’ll, you can learn from them. It’s just this kind of poetic thing where George Washington Carver took that concept and literally went out into the fields and said, “Lord, tell me about the universe.” And the Lord said, That’s too much for your little mind, ask for something smaller. And then he says, well tell me about earth. And He said, That’s still too much. Ask again. He says, tell me about people. And He was like, still too much; ask again. And he’s like, flowers? God’s like, ask again. And he’s like, the peanut? And He’s like, there. Right there, He said. And according to George Washington Carver, the Lord spoke to him and said, I want you to find the amino acids and separate the fats and the oils and, and what we have now are over 300 uses of the peanut. But not only the peanut, but the sweet potato as well. But what a lot of people don’t know is those two things, plants actually, nourish the ground that they come, that they’re sewn in. So when the peanut is put in the earth, it nourishes the ground. And George Washington Carver got that information from the Lord. And he set in, in motion, a way for African Americans, in that time former slaves, to not have the reproach of picking cotton, but to now sowing seeds that not only nourish the ground, but also has so many uses and, and brings prosperity in the economy to their lives. 

So for me, when I would process with the Lord about Eniola, How does Eniola show up now? I’m just so aware of how important it is to lean into the Father and find out from Him honestly. What it is in you that He wants you to tether to, by His word, by His Spirit, by His person, and then like, stay there. No matter what, because that’s what will actually change things. I see the value in marching, in protesting, in non-violent forms of protest. And like, I see that I’ve seen it in history. And I also know that there’s a time for everything. And God, and what God will do in one generation looks different. For George Washington Carver it was the peanut, for Martin Luther King, Jr. it was the silent marches, for Eniola, What is it Lord? And I felt like the Lord said that you need to sow seeds to see orchards. Because biblically, when someone works the land, they should eat the fruit of the land. But in America, there’s been a very painful divide between that. And so where one, one ethnicity, one group of people work the land, that the fruit of that land was taken from them and given to another group of people. So now there’s a reproach. And now we see areas where there’s high levels of disparity and poverty and then areas where there’s high levels of the opposite of that. And it’s like, Wow, shouldn’t it be that you’re eating the fruit of the land that you worked for, that your ancestors worked for? 


People may not like what people say, that it’s Jesus and Jesus alone. But at the end of the day. His is the only thing that will last, everything else will fracture. Everything else will fall, will divide, will poison, but Jesus…



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