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The Power of Story

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I’m Tyler D. Smith, and I’m a youth pastor and a girls basketball coach and sports writer for the Indiana Pacers. I have a wife and two daughters. I just recently wrote a book called Searching For Seven. It’s about the journey of seeking God seven days a week.

I’ve had so many opportunities in my life, so many great blessings, one of them is I get to be a sports writer. I cover the NBA, the Indiana Pacers, and IU basketball–college and through that experience, I’ve been able to meet all these athletes. In the NBA, we have locker room access and we get interviews, but here’s something I try to help people understand. There’s a lot of these athletes that know who I am and I’ve talked to them. But it would be a lie for me to say, I’ve been in the same room as LeBron James many times, so we’re like best friends, that’s just not accurate. And in a similar way, I feel like people sometimes treat God in that way where they say, “I’ve been in a church building many times. I’m tight with God”. The truth is, there’s a big difference between knowing of God and really knowing Him. I fully believe that God seeks us and pursues us. He’ll do anything for us to know Him. But like any relationship, it’s gotta be a two way street at some point. One of the ways to really get to know Him is to have that awareness of His presence, being aware of, you know, seeking Him in all things.

So I set out on my own personal journey to search for God, seven days a week. You look at people and in many other countries, or even the early church in the book of Acts, they had to rely on God for their next breath, their next meal, persecution, the things that they faced. So in some ways, they were very blessed by that, to be able to live every breath as if they rely on God. And so that’s the mindset that I want to have in my life. In a lot of the stories and things that have happened in my life, I’ve kind of related back to that.


You don’t have to have all this Bible knowledge to share your story. You know, if you were blind, and now you see, share that, shout it from the rooftop.



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