Healing in Unbelief 1 / 2

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Adam, you’ve asked me to share a story. I believe the one that we’re supposed to share is the lady that you saw the morning that you met me. Her name is Camille. We just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Camille’s healing. Quick backdrop, I used to be in web design, as well as I’m an analyst by trade. I got burnt out writing code and doing all that. You’re going to hear some background noise as we’re talking. It’s going to get loud sometimes. I own a repair shop. We build custom Hot Rod C 10 Classic trucks. One day, I’m walking through the World Trade Center. This was January of 2009, I get close to this lady, and she’s sitting at a podium. And as I get closer to her, I realized that my back starts hurting.

And I’m like, Huh, that’s weird. And it was a particular spot my back and I don’t have back problems. So I was like, this is really unusual. And I finally stepped in front of her and I introduced myself. And she was watercolor painting, like she was an artist. So I introduced myself. I shake her hand; I tell her, “Hi, my name is Lee.” And she says, “Hello, my name is Camille.” And I said cool. I said, “Can I ask you a question?” She said, “What’s that?” I said,” Do you have back pain?” And I pointed to the area on my lower back where I was experiencing this back pain. And she looked at me in her eyes got big around a saucers and she goes, “I do!” I said, “And it hurts right here.” And she said, “Yes, that’s exactly where it hurts.” And I said, huh. I said, “well, would it be alright if I pray for you?” And she said, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” And I said, “Well, before we go any further, I want to make sure we’re real clear. I’m praying to Jesus, I’m not praying to Buddha. I’m not praying to none of those other guys. I’m praying to Jesus.” And she was like, yeah, yeah, yeah. So we pray and she turns around and she says, oh, thank you so much. You know, we’ve been praying for forever, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We kind of went into this dialogue.

And long story short, is, I asked her a couple of questions, and one of them was, so how long you’ve been praying? She said, Well, you know, this happened 18 years ago. I fell down a flight of stairs in the ice, slid down the stairs, and broke her back in two places. And she’s at level 10 pain. Level 10 is, just so we’re clear here, that’s suicidal level pain by most medical terms. Let’s just put it this way, she doesn’t have a normal sleeping pattern or a day to day pattern. She can’t drive longer than 45 minutes at a time. She said, “Yeah, I’ve been praying for 18 years. And thank you so much.” The little pat on the back prayer, you know, thank you so much. Haha. I said, “No, no. Look, the Lord showed me specifically where your back was hurting. There’s no reason for Him to tell me exactly what’s wrong with your body and your pain if He’s not ready to do something right now. That makes no sense. Why would you buy your kid a Christmas present, not give it to him? That’s stupid.” And she kind of started tearing up. I said, “Look, Jesus paid an ultimate price for you, with His body and with His blood. And I actually think He should get what He deserves, what He paid for.” And so she kind of scoffed at me, laughed at me and, you know, blew me off more or less. I don’t know if it was really a scoff or a laugh, but she kind of blew me off. “Oh, thank you so much,” you know. I said, “Okay, You don’t believe it’s the Lord. That’s all right. I’m gonna ask the Lord tonight to tell me something specific about you. And tomorrow, I’m gonna come back and talk to you. So you know what I’m telling you is true.” She said, “whatever.”

I walked off. I pull out of the parking lot. I said, “Lord, what do you want to say to her?” He gives me two things. He says, “dead dog and divorce.” I said, “Lord, what in the heck does a dead dog have to do with a divorce? And how in the world do I bring that up in conversation? That’s weird.” I said, “Lord, I’m weird. And that’s weird. She already thinks I’m crazy.” So I go home. I’m up all night fasting, praying, asking the Lord, “Okay, how do I bring this up to this lady? I don’t know her. How is this going to translate to her to understand that what I’m telling her is true?” So the next day, I’m tired. I have my coffee. I walk in front of her. I look at her. She’s sitting at her podium, painting again. And I walk up to her and I say, “Hey, how are you doing?” She has that look on her face like, you again.

And I just laugh. And I’m like, Lord, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to tell her about the dead dog and divorce. Right? And the only thing that comes out of my mouth is, I go, “tell me about your dogs.” And she lights up like a Christmas tree. She described her dogs and I go, “oh, you’re describing yourself.” And she’s like, oh my gosh. I said, “I saw this this painting. I saw a clay pot. It’s poured over and oil is running out of it to these other clay pots. And there’s like a crack in one of them.” And she goes, “It’s not oil, it’s water.” And I said, “No, it’s oil.” She goes, “No, it’s water.” And we start arguing, right? And finally I stopped her and I go, “what are we talking about anyways?” And she looks at me and she goes, “I just finished that painting last week. I’ve showed it to no one.” I said, “Yeah, I saw it in a vision last night. I actually saw it a few months ago. And the Lord told me it was you.” I said, “You still don’t believe me, do you?” She said, “No.” I said, “You know why I asked you about the dogs?” And she said, “No.” And I said, “You had another one didn’t you? You’re not telling me everything.” And she said, “How did you know?” I said, “Well, would you mind telling me?” She tells me the rap about this dog. And I said, “You were married once.” So she starts telling me this whole story about her husband leaving her. He was a minister at a particular church. Basically, he stood up in front of his congregation, and stood up in front of his wife and said he didn’t believe what he was preaching and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And he ended up leaving his wife. She went through a very rough period in her life because of it. He leaves. They had this dog and the dog didn’t do very well. And then he [husband] came back for a period of time and when he came back, he got mad and left again. The dog died a few weeks later. And then they got a divorce. There’s the dead dog and the divorce. I told her at that point, I said, “I’m going to tell you what He told me, but you need to hear.” Like, I needed to ask questions, because some things you don’t just come right out and say, because people already think you’re weird, right? And so I said, “This is what the Lord told me when I pulled out of the driveway. He said, “dead dog and divorce.”” She goes, “No, I believe you. We’re good.”

So she still was like, very questionable with my motives. And she said, “You know, I talked to my friend about you.” I said, “Okay.” And she goes, my friend said if I get healed, it’s the devil that did it. And I said, “that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Why would the devil heal you so Jesus gets the glory?” And so I kind of said that to her, and I said, “You know, that doesn’t even make sense. If I had a friend that told me that, I probably wouldn’t be friends with them anymore. Remember, the scripture says that you have a form of godliness, but you deny the power thereof. I just told you about a painting that you had, I told you about your dogs, about your divorce. I told you about your pain, and you still don’t believe it’s the Lord.” I said, “The church is full of unbelieving believers. And it breaks my heart.” And I started crying. And so I pray for her again. She has that encounter and then on the third day, I pray for her again. We go through this dialogue, and she ends up doing a website with me. So, we’re talking through the website for a period of weeks and every time I talk to her, I tell her what the Lord told me.

There was a whole bunch of other things in there. I mean, there’s a lot of them. In the middle of this, she came to our church and the first of February, maybe around Valentine’s Day. So remember it’s January when we met, end of January. Middle of February, close to Valentine’s Day, she shows up at my church. She shows up and they start shaking her and telling her [you know] and praying for her and shaking her and all this stuff. And I’m like, backup guys; leave her alone. Like Yeah, the Lord’s gonna heal her. Absolutely. That’s not even open for discussion. But, leave her alone. Let her get some air. And she left angry. She actually called me one day and cussed me out and told me I was the worst healer ever and to stop praying for her. Literally, “you’re the worst healer ever. Stop praying for me.” I said, nah, I’m sorry, I can’t. So I would back off a little bit, let the Lord work in her heart, and then we would talk about her website.

End of February comes around, maybe the first part of March, I call her. I say, “Camille, we have to talk about your website. Can we meet so we can discuss some things?” She’s like, yeah. So we go meet at the Starbucks at Preston Hollow. And on the way there, I saw the dream she had the night before. I actually saw it. And in the dream there was a few white doors. And the doors, she’s trying to open the door and she can’t. She’s using all of her strength and all this. And the Lord says, “I want you to tell her about the dreams.” And I’m like, uhhhh, “Okay.” She’s already angry; like, asked me not to pray for her anymore.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in my lifetime. Miracles I’ve seen, you know, but this one has forever impacted my heart in a totally different manner. I knew there was a destiny and a purpose on her that she couldn’t see.

So we get to Starbucks, I make sure we sit outside, because I knew she was going to get angry with me. So I look at her and I go, “Umm, Camille we need to talk about your website. That’s what we’re here for. But don’t let me forget to tell you about the dream last night with the white doors.” And she gets mad. She slams her hand down. She grabs her cane, which I forgot to tell you about. She has a cane. She walks with a cane permanently. So she grabs her cane and she gets pissed. She turns to me, she goes I can’t deal with this right now. I gotta go. And I start laughing. I said, “Camille, I’m sorry. We don’t have to talk about this. We have to discuss your website. Please sit down. We won’t discuss that unless you want to. No problem.” So she sits back down and we talk about her website. And about 10 minutes into the conversation she slams her hand on the table that’s outside and she goes, “Just tell me. You always know. Just tell me. I already know. Just tell me.”

I said, “Okay.” I said, “Last night you had a dream and this was your dream…” And I start telling her the dream from start to finish. And I said, “Do you want to know what it means?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “You were running back and forth between these doors, back and forth trying to figure out how to get through this door. And you were yanking and pulling, using your leg and all your strength, and you couldn’t open the door no matter what you did.” I said, “Remember the scripture says, ‘Behold, I stand at the door knock. If anyone hears My voice I’ll come in [to him and dine] with him and he with Me.’ Remember?” She said, “Yeah.” She has tears running down her face. And I said, “You don’t realize that He’s knocking on one door. And all you have to do is stop and listen to which door He’s at. And then when you stopped, the door finally blew open from the other side. From the hinge side, and it blew open and you walk through it.” She’s shaking and trembling. I said, “It’s not by your strength. It’s His. There’s nothing you can do to make this happen. It’s just Him because He loves you.” And she started weeping. She’s like, Lee I’ve been praying for 18 years. She goes, I just don’t know if I have enough faith to believe that God wants to heal me. I said, “that’s all right Camille. I have enough for both of us. You can borrow some of mine.”

I left there with this sense in my heart that I’d… I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in my lifetime. Miracles I’ve seen, you know, but this one has forever impacted my heart in a totally different manner. I knew there was a destiny and a purpose on her that she couldn’t see. And she’ll tell you this. She says, “I woke up the next morning and I moved and I didn’t have any pain. I knew somebody had been in the room. I felt something different.” Normally, when she wakes up she’s already at level 10 pain, couldn’t move, couldn’t…you know. [She] takes a sleeping pill and a pain pill just to go to bed. Are you with me? I mean, she goes to pain management classes, [it’s] suicidal level pain. And she says she woke up and moved and didn’t have any pain. And she called her neighbor. Didn’t tell me, didn’t call me. I believe it was on a Monday when I met her [at the Starbucks] or a Tuesday. On Wednesday is when the miracle [happened], I believe it was Wednesday night, on Thursday she got healed.

On Thursday, that same Thursday, I go to Lowes. And I walk in the door. This is another part of the story which leads somewhere, so bear with me. I walk in the door at Lowes. I haven’t talked to Camille, I walk through the door. I look to my left, there’s a lady standing at the counter. She’s an African American lady. And she’s standing there. She works there. And I see, in a quick snapshot, I see her son sitting at a table. His name’s Chris and all he does is draw. It’s all he does. He’s always drawing, all day. Coloring pictures and drawing all day. And she gets angry at him. She’s yelling at him in this encounter that I’m watching. And remember, I’m walking through Lowes; I’m minding my own business. I’m like, I actually told the Lord, I said, “Lord, I’m at Lowes right now, and I don’t have time for this.” I’m trying to build a fence for my wife. My wife’s birthday is March 5, and I’m building her a fence that she wanted at that time. That’s how [I know by] these reference points. I said, “Lord, what are you telling me?” And I go back to the back. I pick up my wood, and I come back. He goes, “I want you to tell her that that’s the way I talk to her son and everything’s okay.” I said, “Okay.”

So I get up in front of the counter. I said, you have a son. And she looks at me real funny. She goes, a song? I said, “No a son. S-O-N. A boy, he’s nine years old. His name’s Christopher. Chris.” She backs up from the counter and she goes…She says some real colorful words. Reeeal colorful words. She’s like, do I know you from Facebook? And I said, “I ain’t never met you before in my life.” And I started laughing. I said, “I don’t, I don’t know you. I just walked through the door and the Lord showed me your son sitting at a table and you get angry with him because he never gets up. He won’t go outside and play. He won’t play video games.” I said, “All he does is sit and color pictures and write.” She starts weeping. I mean, like sobbing crying. And I said to her, “the Lord wants you to know that everything’s okay. That’s how He talks to your son.” Isn’t that wild? And so I’m standing there and I’m like, I’m crying. She’s crying. And so I pray with her real quick and she’s still freaked out. She won’t come near the counter. She didn’t even want to check me out. She finally checks me out, right? And I leave, and I’m like, Lord, can we do something else? Do you have to interrupt me like this? Like, this is weird. And I’m weird. And this is weird. And this is what happens all the time.

So this is on a Thursday, I finished the fence for my wife on Sunday. I go to church. I’m standing talking to this guy, leaning up against one of the pillars. And this guy, he’s like 6’2″, standing in front of me. So you can’t really see the doors where people walk in because he’s standing, blocking my view. And I’m standing there telling this guy, John, what happened on Thursday. I’m at Lowes…And this happens. And I’m telling him the story of the African American woman and he’s weeping and crying as I’m telling the story. And I see this set of ladies walk past him, but I couldn’t really make out who they were. And then they come back and they’re standing behind John and I can’t really see, but I can see the one that’s taller. And she’s making these facial gestures and pointing down and laughing and pointing at this lady in front of her. And I’m like, what is going on? I lean around John, and when I do, Camille’s standing there. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, what is she doing here? Last time she came here she’s like, I’m never coming back to your church. You people are crazy. You know? And I’m like, what is she doing here? And she walks up to me and she hands me her handicap sign cut in half, and I lose it. I go, “Oh my gosh, where is your cane? What happened?” And she starts telling me that she woke up the next morning, the day after I prayed for the last time, completely healed.

It’s forever wrecked my heart.

Every year we celebrate it. Every year. And every year the Lord does something else. And I can tell you, this has been going on for 10 years, and every year something significant happens. If I could teach anybody, anything, [it would be] the simplicity of what Jesus paid. Look, His body was broken so that we don’t have to be broken, period. Not in our finances, not in our marriages, not in our relationships and certainly not in our bodies. His body was broken so we don’t have to be. And that’s a very simple principle I live with. When I start praying for people, it’s not open for discussion whether or not He wants to heal them. He already paid for it. It’s not even open for discussion. He already paid an ultimate price I can never repay. What I can do is pick up the gift and the price that He paid and apply it to their life because I know He loves them.

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I heard the voice of God in a way that I didn't know was possible. And what He said to me, clear as day, "Craig, it needs to be just Me and you for a while." As it so often happens with God when [...]

When All Seems Lost

Within a matter of three days, I lost nearly three quarters of a million dollars. And it just, I don't say suicide watch lightly. I was incredibly depressed. I thought God was going to bless me. [...]

When Heaven and Earth Collide

I really believe that God speaks in dreams. He's spoken to me many times through dreams. And I really value that. I took my journal and immediately started writing everything that I saw in this [...]

Whoa, God is Here!

As he's telling the story, every mouth, just about every mouth in the room dropped open, including mine, and at the very end he said, "I have nightmares often about that game still." So we [...]

Your Life Is Not Your Own

"I was going to end my life today and go be with my son and my parents." I said, "Rosie, you won't do that. Your life, your life doesn't belong to you." and, "If you don't want it, why don't you [...]

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Hi, this story is AMAZING! Please take a moment to listen: Healing in Unbelief 1/2!
link: https://theunseenstory.org/stories-posts/healing-in-unbelief-1-of-2/